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Cosmosapiens Documentary

In my last blog I talked about my cinematography work on a documentary entitled 'Cosmosapiens'. The documentary focused on a French artist named Karom Thomasson and his creation of a giant fire sculpture in a field at Encounter Bay in Victor Harbour, South Australia.

Originally I was going to hunt down a teaser trailer of the documentary to share but in a strange but welcoming turn of events the director of 'Cosmosapiens' Matt Shannon contacted me after reading my previous blog. Matt has kindly allowed me to share the full documentary of 'Cosmosapiens' which you can watch below.

Unfortunately the documentary was shot on SD before we had access to the groundbreaking HD camera systems that we are spoiled with today. There's an amazing sunrise that we captured for the documentary, I've seen a few sunrises since but nothing quite matches this one!

The documentary was shot on a Sony PD-150, in good old SD format with nothing but a tripod and a handheld rig. I'm pretty sure I was 20 years old when we were filming the doco so that's about 15 years ago now.

Another interesting fact about the documentary is that American singer-songwriter/musician Moby granted exclusive rights to use his music in the project. Now that was a pretty special moment for us all.

In closing I would like to thank Matt Shannon for your generosity in allowing me to share this magical documentary here on my website.

Thanks again for reading my blog guys, stay curious with any endeavor you pursue in life and enjoy the documentary.


Directed and Produced by Matt Shannon

Cinematography by Lucas Scheffel

Music by Moby

Edited by Matt Shannon

Location Sound by Kelly Stribling and Peta Long

Duration: 28 minutes

Further information and International Sales:

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